Camping in Italy

Book your holiday break and go camping in Italy

Discover more than 1,600 campsites in Italy.

Italy is a very popular destination all year long. It stands as the fourth most visited country in Europe and the fifth in the whole world.

Discover some of the most famous heritage sites and spots in the world going camping in Italy : Vatican City and Colosseum in Rome, the ruins of Pompeii in Southern Italy. The country's most popular destinations draw tourists from all over the world: VeniceFlorence, SicilySardiniaNaplesPisa... Going camping in Italy, means enjoying a truly unique heritage from several periods in History. 

Italy has over 7,000 kms of coastline (including the islands) which gather the vast majority of sites. You can also stay by many well-known lakes, mostly in Northern Italy - see for instance Lake Maggiore and Lake Como which feature many valuable and quality sites.

Finally, the country also boasts a hilly countryside and a few mountain ranges. Go campnig in Italy in winter time and discover the Dolomites, part of the Alps in the North. You'll also enjoy many nature parks with a quieter atmosphere and less tourists.

You want to go camping in Italy?

Italian campsites are easily full in high season so:

  • Make as early a booking as you can (as early as January).
  • Try to avoid the most famous sites in high season when they are over-crowded (Venice, Garda Lake, Florence...).