Camping in Montenegro

Montenegro surprises: untouched nature, rich history and sparkling coastlines along the Adriatic Sea. An unforgettable destination for every type of camper. A perfect mix of adventure and relaxation awaits you!

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A country rich in natural beauty and cultural heritage, Montenegro is a fantastic destination for camping enthusiasts.

Natural splendour and cultural richness

Montenegro's diverse landscape, from the breathtaking Adriatic coast to the lush mountainous regions, provides the perfect backdrop for campers. Intertwined with its natural beauty, Montenegro offers a rich cultural experience with historic towns and traditional villages. You can discover all this from your campsite of which there are a large number in Montenegro. Whether you are looking for a luxury camping resort or a secluded campsite in the middle of nature, Montenegro has it all.

Activities from your campsite in Montenegro

From hiking in the mountains to swimming in the Adriatic, Montenegro offers a range of activities.

Outdoor adventure

Hiking: Montenegro's mountains, including the famous Durmitor and Prokletije, are a hiker's paradise. The routes range from easy to challenging, offering breathtaking views.
Rafting and Kayaking: The Tara River, known for its deep gorge, is perfect for rafting. For a quieter experience, kayaking on Lake Skadar is a must.
Mountain biking: With its varied terrain, Montenegro is ideal for mountain bikers. The Lovćen and Bjelasica mountains offer challenging trails.

Beach and water activities

Beach days: Soak up the sun on the beautiful beaches of Budva or Ulcinj. The Adriatic coast is perfect for sunbathing and relaxation.
Diving and snorkelling: The clear waters of the Adriatic reveal a fascinating underwater world, ideal to spend time diving and snorkelling.

Cultural and historical discoveries

Towns: Explore ancient towns such as Kotor and Budva, where history comes alive through well-preserved medieval architecture.
Cultural festivals: Montenegro has a rich array of cultural festivals, including the KotorArt and the Summer Festival in Budva, which celebrate both local and international art and music.

Gastronomic experiences

Taste local cuisine: Enjoy traditional Montenegrin dishes such as 'ćevapi' the well-known meatdish known throughout the region, 'njeguški pršut' smoked ham comparable to the Italian prosciutto ham, and of course Montenegro's seafood.
Wine tastings: Visit local wineries for tastings and discover the unique wines produced in Montenegro.

Relaxation and wellness

Spa and Wellness: Some resorts offer wellness and spa treatments, perfect for relaxing after an adventure-filled day.


National Parks: Explore the national parks of Montenegro from your campsite such as Durmitor and Biogradska Gora, where you will find rich flora and fauna and where you can join guided tours.

When to go

Finally, the best time to go camping in Montenegro is between May and September. A holiday at a campsite or resort in Montenegro is an experience that will appeal to both adventurers and those looking for peace and quiet. Discover the pristine nature and cultural treasures of this hidden Balkan paradise from your tent, caravan or rental accommodation.