Camping in Sweden

Sweden have many campings where it is nice to stay. Enjoy incredible landscapes and discovered the midnight sun in Lapland for example. The biodiversity is varied: forest, lac, sea-side

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Sweden camping near the forest 

In sweden, you will find many camping near the forest. You will be able to visit those large forest and walk into this amazing nature. It’s preferable to booked in the high season because the temperatures are better.

Sweden camping near lacs

 Sweden count a lots of lacs. You could makes a lots of activities like fishing or paddle. The Vänern is the biggest Sweden lac. You will also see waterfalls wich will amaze your children.It’s really nice to camp in Sweden you will find serenity and calm

Sweden camping near the sea 

In south Sweden, you will be able to enjoy holidays near the sea. The Swedish coast is impressive and views across the sea are unforgettable. Nature belong to everybody. We must take care of her.