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There are less than a hundred campsites in Slovenia, which is known as "the Switzerland of the Balkans" but you will find at least one in all sites of interest. Camping Direct features several campsites in Slovenia, for all types of budgets - from pitch for tents or motor homes to fully equipped mobile homes. Go in an adventure in plain nature or by the sea in a still relatively unknown country. A rental at a fair price awaits you at a campsite with water park so you can spedn the best family holidays. Discover Slovenia's natural beauty, located between Italy and Austria !

Despite its small size, the countries landscapes are extremely varied - the Alps, the great plain of central Europe, the Adriatic coastline. You'll find about 20 campsites in the Julian Alps, northwest of the country, next to Italy and Austria. In the heart of Trivlag national park for instance, let's mention Camping Kamp Koren **** in Kobarid - it has a great view over the mountains and access to the river Isonzo - Soča in slovenian. The natural environment enables to practice plenty of activities : hiking, canoeing, kayaking, rafting, hydrospeeding, canyoning, fishing and paragliding.

There's also loads of places to see and visit, such as Bled castle on the eponymous island, in the middle of the eponymous lake - it has been a place of pilgrimage for centuries. Camping Bled ***** is next to it, on the lake shore.

In the East, a large plain is covered in crop fields and vineyards. Its thermal waters are very famous. Some campsites enable you to benefit from them, such as Camping Terme 3000 (4 stars), in Moravske Toplice or Camping Terme Ptuj (4 stars). The Slovenian coastline is only 40 kms long, between Italy and Croatia.

What you can't miss going camping in Slovenia

You simply have to go and see the following when you're staying at a campsite in Slovenia:

  • Vintgar gorges
  • Bled castle - don't forget to make a wish
  • Kozjak Piran waterfall in the gulf of Trieste


Slovenia : 12 campsite(s) available

Camping Terme 3000 Campsite website
Slovenia > Pomurska > Moravske Toplice
Camping Terme 3000
From €111.06 one week
Kamp Koren Campsite website
Slovenia > Goriška > Kobarid
Kamp Koren
8,46/1032 reviews
From €565 one week
Kamp Lucija Campsite website
Slovenia > Obalno-kraška > Portorož
Kamp Lucija
From €84 one week
Camping Adria Campsite website
Slovenia > Obalno-kraška > Ankaran
Camping Adria
From €416 one week
Senk's Homestead Campsite website
Slovenia > Upper Carniola > Zgornje Jezersko
Senk's Homestead
Upper Carniola
From €630 one week
Camping Bled Campsite website
Slovenia > Upper Carniola > Bled
Camping Bled
Upper Carniola
From €149.80 one week
Camping Saksida Campsite website
Slovenia > Goriška > Dornberk
Camping Saksida
From €140 one week
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