Hautes Pyrénées

Axel takes you to the Pyrénées mountains

Head for the Pyrénées for your next holidays

Your break in the mountains, near Argelès-Gazost

The Pyrénées mountains, a favourite destination for hiking lovers, water and outdoor activities aficionados... and skiing addicts of course! It is also a multi-faceted territory, with a friendly atmosphere, fantastic culinary traditons and great historical heritage. All this will make up for a great holiay break in the great outdoors !

Get started with a lovely family hike to the cirque de Gavarnie, one of the Grand Site de Midi-Pyrénées absolute must-sees (you can rent a campsite in Midi-Pyrénées). The stroll is easy until the real entrance, it can be a bit difficult for the littlest ones passed that point : why not rent a horse or donkey for them ? They'll be the happiest on their back and they will take them until the restaurant (renters at the village).

Then head for Beaucens and its famous Donjon des Aigles. 45 kinds of birds of prey kept in partial free-range conditions live in a former XIth century medieval castle. They are cared and trained by professional trainers. The show is simply breathtaking, children won't believe what they'll see. They're particularly keen on the last part of the show during which the big parrots fly and land on their arms.

Finally, enter the depths of the earth with a visit of Betharram's caves. They were discovered in the XIXth century and open to visitors in 1903. A blast for children, too : seeing millenial cocnretions (meters-long stalactites and stalagmites, rochers anthropomorphic rocks and magical shapes of all kinds) will trigger their imagination! There's even a short cruise on a boat. They'll also love the return trip in a little train.

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