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By the sea or inland, the 5-stars campsites in Spain will certainly convince you to stay there. See camping Sanguli ***** in Salou for instance, a sea resort that's famous for its night life. Also on the Costa Dorada, discover Cambrils Park Resort *****.

Less than an hour from Barcelona, on the Mediterranean coast, visit camping Vilanova Park *****. A great opportunity to discover Catalonia and its many treasures : Colonia Güell, famous industrial area, Sant Miquel del Fai monastery, Salpêtre caves, copper museum...

On the East coast also, Valencia communidad has many assets. Water activities - surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing - culture spots - Valencia center of arts and sciences for instance - and historical sites - Valencia cathedral, Peniscola fortress - will fill up your schedule. Camping Marjal Guardamar (5 stars) or camping La Marina ***** are perfect for a break in the area.

More to the South, in Andalusia find a region that's famous for 2 UNESCO heritage sites : Alhambra in Granada and Mezquita in Cordoba. ONce you get there, you can stay at camping Pueblo Blanco (5 stars), in the town of Olvera.

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