Camping during the 2024 Olympic Games

Put on your comfy trainers ... and don't forget your tent! Stay in the great outdoors, in a friendly environment and experience the festivities of the Olympic Games 2024 by going camping. Stay at a campsite during the 2024 Olympics!

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Experience the magic of the 2024 Olympics and go camping!

Does the idea of combining the exciting atmosphere of the 2024 Summer Olympics with the relaxing charm of a campsite seem unrealistic? Nothing could be further from the truth! Choose to stay at a campsite during the 2024 Olympic Games and enjoy a unique stay where sport, conviviality and the great outdoors go hand in hand. Your passion for Olympic sports and your love for the outdoors have never been more compatible. You will have the chance to experience the excitement of the Games up close, while enjoying the simple pleasures of camping.

Camping during the 2024 Olympics: why and how?

Camping during the 2024 Olympics is an excellent choice. The campsites are not only in proximity to the sports' venues, but also offer plenty of facilities and activities to make your stay enjoyable all round. A comfortable mobile home for the whole family, a spacious pitch for your motorhome or tent, a heated swimming pool to relax in after a day of sporting excitement, a water park to keep the kids happy and a restaurant to sample local delicacies ... It's a winning combination for a successful holiday. Consult our customer reviews to choose the best accommodation and enjoy a camping holiday during the Olympic Games of 2024.

The benefits of camping during the Olympic Games 2024

Imagine the joy of the children spending a day swimming and playing at the campsite's pool or a nearby lake. Or the enthusiasm of your partner or friends during a walk along the river back to the car after you have spent the whole day cheering on your favourite athletes. If you stay in a campsite during the 2024 Olympics, you will enjoy a natural and calming environment to re-energise while being at the heart of the sporting event of the year. It is a chance to combine your passion for sports with your love for the outdoors in a welcoming holiday setting. By choosing to camp during the Olympic Games of 2024, you are choosing an unforgettable experience, at the meeting point of sporting excitement and nature's well-being. What other type of stay can offer you all this during the 2024 Olympics?

Get ready for an exceptional holiday, where the passion for sport is combined with the tranquillity of a natural environment. Camping during the 2024 Olympics, will be an adventure to experience with family or friends and is there to create unforgettable memories.

This is a great opportunity, so don't miss it! Get ready, immerse yourself in the experience of a lifetime and grab your chance to experience the 2024 Olympics in an unprecedented and exceptional way. The countdown has begun, pack your bags and head of to the campsite of your dreams - your Olympic adventure awaits!

On the stands during the Olympic challenges: your campsite during the 2024 Olympics!

Imagine ending your day at a campsite surrounded by nature after an adrenaline-packed programme at the 2024 Olympics. Amid beautiful landscapes, the campsite welcomes you for a rest and recharge your batteries during this great sporting festival. Relive the emotions with family or friends and make plans for the next day in peace. Enjoy a campsite stay during the 2024 Olympics.

Camping during the 2024 Olympics in France

The 2024 Olympics will give you a great opportunity to discover or rediscover France's heritage. While athletes from all over the world compete for medals, enjoy the ambiance of one of the most beautiful cities in the world: Paris. You cannot help but be captivated by the grandeur of the Eiffel Tower, the majestic Notre-Dame in reconstruction or the splendour of the Champs-Élysées. Besides the Olympics and the sights of this breathtaking city, more activities await you, especially if you are with your family. Everyone, children as well as adults will thoroughly enjoy a visit to Parc Astérix or to Disneyland Paris.

Experience France

Do you have tickets to a football or sailing event in Marseille, one of the other venues during the 2024 Olympics? Then the opportunity is yours to visit the beautiful beaches of the Côte d'Azur. Marseille hosts the windsurfing, sailing, and kiteboarding competitions amongst others. If you are looking for a campsite near Châteauroux or Saint-Etienne, where the shooting and some of the other football matches take place, you will have plenty of opportunities to go hiking or cycling in the beautiful countryside.

A camping holiday during the Olympic Games 2024 is much more than a cost-effective stay. It offers you the opportunity to live a rich and varied experience with sporting emotions, cultural discoveries and culinary highlights.

Are you ready for adventure? The 2024 Olympic Games are waiting for you! Choose your campsite or campsites for the Olympic Games of 2024 in France here on Camping Direct and have an unforgettable stay!