Camping in Czech Republic

Czech Republic is a land of camping. There are numerous camping grounds, generally situated around tourist sites. It’s the country’s most afforable accommodation. 

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Discover the Czech's splendid nature and its culture from your campsite

In Czech Republic, campsites are often situated in nature and have many places where you can bath. Lakes and rivers offer endless swimming opportunities all summer long and if you enjoy fishing there are plenty of opportunities, Mácha’s lake being one of them.

Campsites in Czech Republic: Scenic views guaranteed

The Czech Republic has a very important architectural heritage. By choosing to stay at a campsite in the Czech Republic, you will discover a fascinating country, fabulous landscapes, a wild and luxuriant nature. You will come back from your holidays with your head full of memories. All you have left to do is choose your campsite among our selection (with certified reviews) pack your camping gear and enjoy your holiday!

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